Simply Mithai exists to revive and bring the traditions of South Asian culture into the next generation.


Simply Mithai is dedicated to creating elevated and modern Mithai with the highest quality and organic ingredients in small batches.


Simply Mithai envisions a world where the happiness and sweetness of Mithai is shared in all lives and celebrations across cultures.

meet the maker, Ambreen Ahmed (and mom!)

Since childhood, Ambreen has always wanted to work in the patisserie world.  She decided to get a degree in finance and climb the corporate ladder; however her passion in the patisserie world continued to seep through.  She eventually decided to enroll in the LeCordon Bleu patisserie programand she loved every second of it.  Soon after graduation, she started a wedding catering company while juggling her full-time finance job!

Over the years, Ambreen has honed in on where her passion truly lies, and that is in wedding cakes and mithai.  In the Indian culture it is customary to always bring a box of mithai to celebrate an happy occasion.  Traditionally, the standard mithai boxes are very basic, and the mithai itself looks very generic.  Ambreen believes to celebrate a happy occasion we must celebrate with something beautiful.  Her fanciful mithai bonbons were born from this idea.  Through plenty of taste testing – simply mithai blossomed into what it is today:  A mithai shop that focuses on the flavors of the products using the freshest ingredients and making each one with lots of love.

handcrafted with love

We are breaking the stereotype that mithai’s are simply blocks of sugar by taking things back to the basics - we start with the classic mithai, reduce the sugar, and enhance the true flavor profile. The flavor profiles are created with our western palates in mind.  

Our mithai is handcrafted with the freshest ingredients available.  Most of our bonbon fillings are a classic milk-based Indian dessert called Burfi.  Burfi is made with paneer which is created from organic milk and made fresh in house for each order.   Our mithai is classic, but our flavors are contemporary and constantly changing with the seasons!
  We are constantly evolving our options available and love exploring new ideas. Our bonbons are individually hand painted – yes, we input a lot of labor and love into your chocolates!  Our craft extends into wedding cakes as well.